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Aside from purchasing a new home, owning a car will most likely be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. With the vehicle cost, registration, WOF and other on road costs to pay for, many may choose to survive without a car in order to save themselves thousands of dollars each year. However, there will most likely be a time or two throughout the year where you require the use of a vehicle – but why buy a brand new car when you can simply hire one from your local New Zealand rental car company?   

Whether you are traveling to see a friend or loved one, you’re moving houses or you require a vehicle for business purposes, there’s simply no need to purchase a new vehicle. With a variety of car rental options throughout New Zealand, it’s simply a matter of filling out a form online, and you’ll get the car you need for the exact time that you require it.

Before choosing a rental car company, you’ll need to figure out what kind of vehicle you want. Do you just need a standard car for yourself? Are you transporting more than 6 people? Do you need a trailer as well? With a variety of different rental car types available – including personal cars, 4 wheel drives, cargo vans, minibuses, trailers and commercial vehicles – you’ll be able to hire a car that best suits your requirements.

Once you know what type of vehicle you need to hire, it’s time to choose which car hire company you’ll hire from. There are a number of benefits that certain car hire companies have to offer, so make sure you look into the company first before booking out a vehicle with them.

First of all, you’ll want to have complete confidence that the vehicle you are hiring is safe to run on the road. As well as looking for rental car companies that are well known and trusted throughout New Zealand, see what kind of information they have on the maintenance of the vehicles. The vehicles for hire should be serviced on a regular basis, and generally should come with road side assistance.

Secondly, you’ll want to hire a car that is not only affordable to hire, but economical to drive. There’d be nothing worse than hiring a car and paying a hefty amount of money to only drive it a short distance!

Thirdly, if you are only traveling one way, you’ll need to deal with a company that offers one way vehicle hires (i.e. has more than one branch throughout New Zealand). This is ideal if you are going to visit a relative for a long period of time, or if you are moving house.

Finally, there are a number of other benefits you can look out for when choosing which rental car company to go with. For example, some car hire companies can offer GPS systems to assist you while you drive (for an additional cost) to ensure that you don’t get lost or confused on your trip. Another example of a good car hire company to go with is the additional information that they may offer you. If you are a visitor to New Zealand, it’s always helpful to have information and advice on local attractions – and some rental car companies are more than happy to provide you with this, at Bargain Rentals, we offer all of these things.